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In order to understand NATURE, our scientists use state-of-the-art analytical techniques to unravel the mysteries of natural extracts/oils. A team of scientists & perfumers under the guidance of (Prof.) S.C Varshney is devoted in discovering ''the science of scents creation by NATURE''.. 

We utilize GC, GCMS, GCMS(TOF), Dynamic Head Space Technology, Multi-dimensional Gas Chromatography and other analytical technologies in pursuing our objectives.

We are certified – ISO-9001: 2008/ KOSHER 2010-11.


Our MISSION is to provide F & F industry and the consumers with high quality products, consistent in nature by rigorously implementing mandatory STANDARDS of quality control as per the requirements of customers and their countries.

Sustainability of our planet is more important than just keeping our products perfumed. This is part of our mission to
ensure biodegradability and sustainability in our creations.

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