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With our four decades of experience in essential oils & perfumery ingredients, IKTA’s perfumery creations have become the benchmark that touches the emotions of our customers each time they use our products, anywhere in their home and in life. These unique olfactive designs reinforce both the emotional as well as the functional attributes of our clients’ brands.

Our perfumery creations are also engineered to perform economically in some of the most challenging environments.

With passion of becoming a leader in creating and manufacturing of specialty ingredients, IKTA is dedicated to excellence in every area of business—using knowledge, creativity, innovation and technology to provide our customers with superior consumer understanding with highest quality standards and services.

Functional Fragrances – Nature Identical

Fragrances are used in wide variety of consumer products, from personal care to home care. These products include soaps & shampoos, bath products, cosmetics, laundry detergent, cleansers, air fresheners, incenses and many others.

Creative Perfumery Solutions based on natural molecules are continuously developed for:

IKTA with latest compounding technologies brings the consumer goods to life with its luxurious line of creation by using only the finest botanicals, naturals and nature identical ingredients for all perfumery solutions...

Understanding the real habits and needs of consumers is key to developing unique fragrances , regardless of location or
social strata.

The marketing department develops product concepts which combine creativity and a profound knowledge of the household
business, thus presenting the best solutions to our customers.

Personal Care

Our personal care creations continue to become classics and prevail as longstanding benchmarks in leading brands. Our unique ability to create fragrances that linger longer on skin, captures the heart and soul of the consumer day after day _giving brands a memorable, intimate, and lasting signature.

Soap / Laundry and Home Care

IKTA creates cost effective and unique perfumery solutions to laundry care. Scents which smell fresh and leave an impression.

IKTA assists customers to use fragrance to support and enhance the consumer experience of everyday cleaning tasks. Whether it's maintaining a hygienic environment, masking odors, or enhancing a room's ambience, our creations add a dose of pleasure to daily chores.

Insence & Dhoop

IKTA’s mission is to research, develop, produce and ensure the availability of natural fragrances & biodegradable natural identical fragrances for Incense sticks & Dhoop cones, complying with the standards provided by Design for Environment under the guidance of American Environment Control Guidelines.

 We manufacture all kinds of fragrances ranging from Oriental, to Floral / Fancy including sandalwood, amber, rose, jasmine, champaka and many others ; highly diffusive, cost effective & long lasting.

Formulating with exclusive aroma molecules, specialties and natural ingredients, using insightful marketing intelligence and technological advances, our world renowned fragrance experts are able to create unique, memorable and highly successful fragrances that, in turn, set new olfactive trends of their own.

Hospitality & Spa

» Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy is a form of alternative therapy that uses volatile plant materials, known as essential oils, for the purpose of creating an hormony between human body and mind.

“Creative Aromatherapy solutions are continuously developed” as:

» Massage Oils

Our truly conditioning blends of natural oils will sooth and comfort while easily gliding over the skin. They are blended to give maximum hydration and ease of use..

We develop customized massage oils based on natural ingredients – 100% natural.
Our range of massage oils include -

Pain Relief




Anti Cellulite

» Diffuser Oils /Ambience Scenting

Diffuser Oils have become very popular in achieving its goal of gently spreading the aroma of essential oils into the
air - creating an ambience to uplift mood and sprits.

We specialize in developing a signature scents for creating ambience in hotels based on principles of aromatherapy.

Functional Scents

We develop Functional Scents on the principles of Aromachology.

100% volatile & biodegradable..

100% natural or nature identical

Possessing additional functions beside pleasant aroma.

» Naturals

The Group is considered as specialists in processing of natural essential oils , natural isolates & nature identical products. Besides these, many crude essential oils and aroma chemicals are being sourced from other producing countries for further processing for domestic markets.

SOM EXTRACTS LTD – SAHIBABAD , 100% export unit, having 80,000 sq.ft covered area processes 3000 M Tonnes of essential oils & fractions for producing aroma isolates, perfumery compounds & rectified essential oils. The company has been accorded a status of an Export House.

RECON ESSENTIAL OILS & ABSOLUTES..... - close to nature.

Perfumery is simply a blend of art and science, which requires a kind heart, open mind and some naturals.

Our team of scientists have worked day and night to make this creative job simple.!!

Science has shown tremendous hopes to creative perfumery as many potent molecules found in natural essential oils have been identified by using modern instruments, like GC-MS, GC-MS-TOF. In year 2001, we collaborated with an American Institute to understand this science of "naturals" and we are proud to present many "aroma wonders"-RECON essential oils as a cost effective alternate to naturals.

Producing high quality, nature identical, cost effective, aroma specialty ingredients have always been our priorities. Our RECON OILS and ABSOLUTES are as close to nature as practically possible. – which demonstrates a delicate balance of NATURE and CHEMISTRY.

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