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Som Varshney Group, established in 1973, is a family owned industrial group having strong presence in perfumery industry in India & abroad.

Started with a small distillation plant at Badaun has now achieved a sustained growth all across the globe !.

IKTA AROMATICS having manufacturing facility at Noida with covered area of 60,000 sq ft for Herbal extracts , Spice extracts ,RECON Essential Oils, RECON Absolutes , aroma isolates and resinoids as per international specifications with modern technological support.

Ikta’s emphasis on developing cost effective solutions for perfumery industry has proved highly effective and have acclaimed appreciation.

Group’s core activities are focused on scientific research and technological developments on natural molecules and
their application in perfumery and have achieved enormous success in discovering many impact molecules from vast
natural resources of our country’s biodiversity.


“Our philosophy is to follow nature, be innovative & cost effective”; adopt highest standars,

The group lays high importance to moral & social values of life.

We owe to the F & F industry whatever we have achieved in life & wish to server the industry with our devotion & sincerity

We follow principles of nature-the supreme creator

We work towards ensuring sustainability of our planet.


We have marked our presence through Multi Location Manufacturing Facilities & Strong Supply Chain Management with the support of our 150 employees.

SOM EXTRACTS LTD- SAHIBABAD : 80,000 sq.ft covered area to process 1500M Tonnes of esssential Oils & fractions for producing aroma isolates, perfumery compounds & rectified essential Oils to customers requirements 100% export. For more details: www.somextracts.com

SOM EXTRACTS LTD- BADAUN : 50,000 sq.ft covered storage area for raw materials.

SIV EXPORT CORPORATION-NOIDA & SIVA EXPORT CORPORATION BADDI : 50,000 sq.ft covered area to process 500M. Tonnes of essentials oils for producing aroma isolates & rectified essential Oils for domestic purpose.

IKTA AROMATICS LTD- NOIDA : 60,000 sq.ft covered area to process herbal/spice extracts & RECON Essential Oils/Absolutes with State of the Art Technology.

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